If you want to be stronger and work on your flexibility for functional mobility now and years to come, please contact me today to discuss your personal fitness goals. I have over 20 years  experience as a Fitness Professional and Group Fitness Instructor and am CPR certified. Let me be the conduit to the new chapter in your life that includes functional fitness training for strength, balance and mobility. A fit body is a happy body!

Body Reset:  560 Plains Road East, Burlington ON  L7T 2E3 (above Trek Bicycle, inside Nixon’s Martial Arts). Entrance through side door
PH:  905-467-1537

Covid Statement (as at 2022 masking and distancing guidelines have been lifted but will be reinstated should another outbreak occur)

Due to COVID-19 guidelines all in-studio classes will be limited to eight participants until further notice.

Class attendees will be required to wear a mask upon entry and use the available hand sanitizer prior to entering the studio.

Class attendees may remove their masks once at their designated spot.

Designated spots are at least 2 meters apart from each other.

When meeting a person for personal training or consultation I will wear a mask and keep a two meter distance.  Clients can choose to wear a mask or not during personal training.

All equipment is sanitized after each class and personal training session.

Hand washing is always done between classes and personal training sessions.