Body Reset

Reset your body in a new and different way through strength training and targeted mobility training

Meet Theresa

Theresa Stahl has dedicated most of her life to the pursuit of physical fitness for herself and for others.


Recent testimonials from Body Reset clients

Theresa has helped me achieve my goals so far and I love our sessions. The workout programs she creates are interesting, fun, and diverse. She makes it very motivating and encouraging! If motivation, flexibility, and a personal approach are what you’re looking for then Theresa is the girl for you!

Rita F.


Personable, knowledgeable, reliable, patient and persistent in her achievement of overall fitness and yours. Theresa has a vast wealth of training and experience giving her the distinction of being able to build the best program for individual personal fitness requirements and goals.

My husband and I train together, and although quite different in our abilities and needs, Theresa manages us together beautifully.

Dawn A.


“Body Reset brings a new and fresh approach to strength & flexibility training. As a lifelong athlete (swimming, triathlon, strength  training, running, skiing, 10X), it is now time in my mid 60’s to focus on flexibility as the foundation to enable my continued participation in the activities I love; without injuries, repetitive pain and hours in the gym!  Theresa customizes every class and modifies for each of us as needed.  Her ability to coach and support me through this new journey has been wonderful.  Look out 70’s and 80’s as here I come with strength, flexibility and the ability to keep doing what I love!”

Annie M.


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